While speaking of gun accessories, fast FTC magnifier mounts are undeniably an integral part of the equipment since they complete overall features and help enhance the users’ performance. Due to various merits that the fast FTC magnifier mount provides, such as being easy to install and helping users get quick pictures, it is indispensable for wargame shooters.

Thus, if you are one of the gun fanatics who need the latest gun accessories, such as fast FTC magnifier mounts, this article will be of great interest to you because we will discuss the exquisite fast FTC magnifier mount and its essential benefits.

What is the Fast FTC Magnifier Mount?

The fast FTC (Flip-to-Center) magnifier mount is a piece of equipment for those who need to shift to aim flawlessly. Needless to say, the most prominent feature of the fast FTC magnifier mount is the flip-to-center function, adding an extra shade of uniqueness to the magnifier mount’s value.

As the magnifier mount never slips down to the side while the fire is open, the fast FTC magnifier mount provides numerous conveniences to users. For instance, with the magnifier mount’s firmly accurate attachment, the fast FTC magnifier mount provides superb steadiness for taking down the target after locking it at the red dot sight. Thus, it is a practical solution manufactured to accommodate users admiring going through challenging battlefields.

Benefits of Fast FTC Magnifier Mount for Shooters

After clearing what the fast FTC magnifier mount is, let’s count down a few core benefits of the fast FTC magnifier mount that the shooters can enjoy:

  1. Help Users Get A Quicker Picture

Being covered under the helmets, plate carriers, and other heavy gear stuff will make the shooter hard to aim with a clear focus. But luckily, the fast FTC magnifier mount is built with the concept of providing a quicker and more precise picture to the shooters.

To mention that, the WS02011 from AIM-O, an expert in providing types of gun accessories, has an intelligent addition of a 2.26″ optical centerline height, which provides an extra edge to the shooter’s target view and helps shooters get a quick and clear picture by promoting a heads-up posture.

  1. Bring a Comfortable User Experience

The fast FTC magnifier mount is a smooth and flexible piece of equipment with solid and adaptable features to support a comfortable user experience. Even while the FTC movement, the sudden shift is so rapid, and you won’t be affected by the move so that you can focus your target.

In addition, with the help of the fast FTC magnifier, the shooter can maintain a neutral spine position which is more comfortable when wearing much equipment. Thus, the magnificent performance of the magnifier flip mount makes it competent enough for all kinds of battlefields.

  1. Resolve the Problems Brought by Flip-to-Side

Using a fast FTC magnifier mount can solve many complications caused by the flip-to-side magnifier mount designs. For starters, the major stumbling block of danger was hanging the magnifier to the gun’s side after being disengaged.

However, the flip-to-center function allows the equipment a rapid movement without causing any difficulty and eliminates the risk of any spine injury during the shooting. These revolutionary modifications in fast FTC magnifier mounts make them not only accurate but also even safer to work around.

Who is a Reliable Choice for Buying the Fast FTC Magnifier Mount? 

After knowing the benefits of the fast FTC magnifier mount, you might be thinking about who you should pick to get one for yourself. Here, we strongly recommend you go for the AIM-O’s magnifier flip mount WS02011 for a remarkable user experience.

As a professional scope manufacturer, we at AIM-O offer an immense variety in our airsoft-related electronic products. And the best thing is that all our products come out with an affordable price and a durable quality.


Except for the merits mentioned above, some of the exceptional features of our fast FTC magnifier mount WS02011 include quicker and more comfortable reticle acquisition, rapid visual processing of the battlefield, etc. Therefore, if you want to get more about our WS02011 or our wide range of advanced products and their prices, please get in touch with us.