The rifle scope mount, dedicated to providing users with quicker view sight and comfortable height, is becoming a necessity in various situations. Among different types of rifle scope mounts, the LPVO refile scope mount is becoming an increasingly popular mount choice for all kinds of shooting enthusiasts and professionals with numerous merits.

In case you are still unfamiliar with LPVO refile scope mounts, this article will be your guide to help you form a comprehensive understanding of what the LPVO rifle scope mount is and three significant reasons to choose it. Now, scroll down to get something more.

What Is The LPVO Rifle Scope Mount?

LPVO rifle scope mount, which is immensely popular among wargame lovers, is a rifle scope mount that can enhance the long-distance shooting experience by offering appropriate height, quicker sight picture, and other unique pros. Additionally, getting yourself an LPVO rifle scope mount will save you lots of trouble in the gun shooting games, such as easier reticle acquisition, faster visual processing, etc.

Reasons to Choose LPVO Rifle Scope Mount

LPVO rifle scope mount is perfect for anyone looking for a magnified and fast shooting experience. It is a tactical scope mount that can provide a satisfying user experience. Below we discuss the top three reasons to opt for an LPVO rifle scope mount:

  1. Appropriate Designs to Ease Your User Experience

LPVO rifle scope mounts are designed to provide a comfortable user experience with getting a fast sight picture than standard height mounts. Meanwhile, it allows for more rapid visual processing of the battlefield by promoting a heads-up posture.

  1. Suitable Height to Get Better View Sight

A suitable LPVO rifle scope mount places the scope’s optical (mechanical) centerline at an appropriate distance above the rail, making it easier to hit targets at a longer distance. For example, a 34mm and 30mm scope mount allows for better vision as it perfectly accommodates different types of scopes. In addition, the appropriate height of the LPVO rifle scope mount provides tremendous advantages of a tall mount while still being compatible with CNVD (Clip-Ob Bight Vision Devices).

  1. Various Applications to Meet Different Demands

The versatility of its use is another reason for its immense popularity. This type of mount can be used for both tactical and non-tactical purposes. It is excellent for hunting targets at mid-range or heading out to the range, along with military or other tactical applications.

AIM-O Launches a New LPVO Rifle Scope Mount: WS02008

Now that you have already come across the essential information regarding the LPVO rifle scope mount and the reasons to choose it, it’s time to recommend the best item launched by the best brand. Without question, we are referring you to AIM-O with more than fourteen years of experience in delivering precision products, having sold across different countries.

The newly launched LPVO rifle scope mount has some distinguishing characteristics:

  • A quicker sight picture
  • A taller optical centerline for easier reticle acquisition
  • Supporting a heads-up posture for the battlefield’s rapid visual processing
  • Compatible variants for accommodating well-known military and commercial scopes

Furthermore, the LPVO rifle scope mount series developed by AIM-O is far above the traditional scope mount. It can also accept an optional offset optic base to have backup red dot sight requirements.

At the same time, auxiliary optic adapter plates with footprints and varying positions to be placed onto the offset optic plate can also accommodate standard mini red dot sights. By the way, this scope mount is made of aluminum and Type-III hard-coat anodized black, which is highly suitable for harsh environments.

About AIM-O

AIM-O can never be neglected when talking about professionals producing tactical sights and recognized brands by airsoft players. The past few years have witnessed that we are committed to providing premium quality products complying with military specifications, reasonable prices, and exceptional after-sales services. In addition, we have allocated an expert R&D team to develop innovative products while meeting customer requirements.

Moreover, we have always adhered to the customer-first principle by improving work efficiency and delivering quality products in the shortest possible time. Thus, if you want to get more about our products, you can contact our team to learn more about our unmatchable products.