AO 6008-DE

 AO 6008-BK

AO 6009

 AO 9022-BK AK 25.4mm-30mm Scope Side Mount

 AO 9024-DE 25.4/30mm Precision Ultralight 2" Extended Scope Mount Optic Mount With Bubble Lever

 AO 7002-BK QD mount for 30mm Red Dot Sight

 AO 5302-BK Killflash for 1-4x24E Tactical Scope

 AO 3037-BK Sniper  LT 4X32 Red/Green Dot With Laser

 AO 3036-BK 4x32 Illumination Tactical Compact Scope 

 AO 3035-BK 4X30 Tactical Elcan Type Optical Sight Rifle Scope